Get to know about the DuPont Materials ICE Market Planning

DuPont announces its new trademark with a borderless and more flexible concept. As an authority dealer, Kin Sang Chemical will also assist you in material support and provide you with a more complete solution.

Note: The picture above shows DuPont’s new trademark officially launched on 2019/06.

This “ICE” is not too cold

ICE is not as cold as the name. In fact, ICE is composed of English abbreviations in the Industrial ( Consumer) / Consumer / Electrical, Electronic (electronic / electric) market. The extended application of food, clothing, housing and transportation is worthy of our attention. 

ICE market materials development direction

In 2019, DuPont has also proposed different solutions for hot topics such as continuous and rapid development of technology, 5G, wisdom and AI robots:

1. Material weight loss: Low-density nylon and thin-walled flame retardant (0.4mm V0) are used as a weight loss solution.

2. Sealing technology: Expand the hardness of Hytrel material to 25A-85D, increase the application range.

3. Thermal management: Strengthen the thermal conductivity of plastics and replace aluminum alloys with plastics as thermally conductive parts.

4. Environmental protection and safety: Facing continued tightening of regulations, halogen-free materials will be the key development of flame retardant.

5. Vibration and noise reduction: DuPont will assist the simulation research to optimize the noise, vibration and comfort performance of the project.

For the above solutions, if you need further assistance, please contact Kin Sang Chemical to support.

Introduction of key brands:

In response to the development of the market, DuPont also continues to develop high-performance materials to meet market demands and assist customers in continuously developing new projects.

1. E & E industry application expansion product line:

Model Grade Material characteristics
Rynite FR335 High cost performance PET specifications, slightly lower impact strength, to meet the cost needs of some customers.
Rynite FR533NH The upgraded version of FR530 improves electrical performance to meet the development needs of high-end customers. 
Rynite FR684NH Can 460 ° C 3 seconds welding, can be expanded in PCB applications version of such range. DuPont also provides complete electrical insulation system (EIS) certification for new grades; please contact us for further information.

DuPont also provides complete electrical insulation system (EIS) certification for new grades, please consult us.

2. Expanded product line of high temperature nylon ( Zytel HTN):

Material Model Material grade Material advantages Potential
Zytel HTN FR42G30N Improve the erosion of nylon on the mold screw, can do high temperature SMT without foaming.
Zytel HTN FR52G30GWNH Strengthen electrical performance to meet IEC finished product GWIT @ 750 2 seconds extinction test.
ZytelHTN FR95G25V0NH The appearance is glossy without glass fiber texture, which can meet the high temperature demand and make appearance parts.

Case Studies:

 1. Hair Dryer

Material Application: Zytel® 70G13L

Material Advantages: Easy to color, wear-resistant, can be matched with color.

2. Motor Skeleton Coil

Material Application: Rynite® FR530

Material Advantages: Good electrical capabilities, complete EIS system certification.

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