Zhenjiang Chi Mei Continuous Carbon Reduction

Zhenjiang Chi Mei Continuous Carbon Reduction

Chi Mei is committed to reducing the Carbon Footprint. At the beginning of this year, it has implemented packaging switching, using a single material and a recyclable concept to help environmental protection.

Original packaging – Paper-plastic composite bag

描述: http://www.plasway.com/membersite/kinsang/images/20191127142851_824.jpg

The new package – Single PP Bag

描述: http://www.plasway.com/membersite/kinsang/images/20191127142921_297.jpg

After many tests, the carbon reduction step has been taken further and extended to the use of Zhenjiang Chi Mei general-level GPPS material packaging. The specifications of the packaging that have been switched so far are as follows:

CategoryLevelGrade No.
ABS Heat Resistance GradeD-2200/D-2400
ABS Flame Retardant Grade D-1000/D-1200/D-1400
ABSLow Residual Monomer GradePA-757KF/PA-1730
HIPSGeneral GradePH-55Y/PH-88SF
GPPSGeneral GradePG-33

We hope that you would understand and support this carbon reduction action as always.

This packaging has been tested and proved its performance better than the existing paper-plastic composite bags, meanwhile it can be recycled. If you have any questions about packaging switching, please contact KSC for advice.

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