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Zhenjiang Chi Mei Continuous Carbon Reduction

27-11-2019 | Announcement, Notice and General News

Chi Mei is committed to reducing the Carbon Footprint. At the beginning of this year, it has implemented packaging switching, using a single material and a recyclable concept to help environmental protection.

Original packaging – Paper-plastic composite bag

The new package – Single PP Bag

After many tests, the carbon reduction step has been taken further and extended to the use of Zhenjiang Chi Mei general-level GPPS material packaging. The specifications of the packaging that have been switched so far are as follows:

Category Level Grade No.
ABS Heat Resistance Grade D-2200/D-2400
ABS Flame Retardant Grade D-1000/D-1200/D-1400
ABS Low Residual Monomer Grade PA-747KF/PA-1730
HIPS General Grade PH-55Y/PH-88SF
GPPS General Grade PG-33

We hope that you would understand and support this carbon reduction action as always.

This packaging has been tested and proved its performance better than the existing paper-plastic composite bags, meanwhile it can be recycled. If you have any questions about packaging switching, please contact KSC for advice.