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Headline! Come and Check out the Delrin CPE Series!

24-09-2019 | Announcement, Notice and General News

Since the commercialization of DuPont in 1960, Delrin® has been the leader of the POM market. The first product, Delrin® 100, has also been upgraded twice to Delrin® 100P.

Delrin® 100P is well-known in the market as it’s widely used, but nothing is perfect. Have you ever felt that Delrin® 100P is too sticky, odor-smelly, causing cavity is quite bothering you?!

DuPont has heard your concerns!

2019 is the 60th anniversary of the Delrin® brand. It is also a commemorative year. In order to meet the evolving needs of the market, DuPont Delrin® launched a newly upgraded product 100CPE series. Once again, it expands the product line with a new attitude and satisfies your multiple wishes at once.

There is a kind of good called Delrin®, the CPE series with both combining the excellent mechanical properties and easy processing properties of Delrin® 100P, meanwhile, it has dropped the VOC emissions and improved mold cavity that perfectly fits Auto / ICE and other industries in a higher level demand.

Wait! Not over yet!

As the core application of Delrin® advantages in the gear industry, in response to demanded performance pursuits, Delrin® also provides 11 series to bring you renewed knowledge.

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